(English follows Japanese)

これはPCJ協会(PCCニューヨーク・platform.coop の姉妹団体)の創立を目指すページです。

日本プラットフォーム協同組合(Platform Cooperativism Japan = PCJ)協会は新たに築かれつつあるプラットフォームビジネス・エコシステムの中心的なステークホルダー同士をつなぎ、共有価値、共同所有、共同経営を追求します。PCJ協会は研究、検証、教育、擁護、ベストプラクティスの集約、テクニカルサポート、資金の調整、イベントなどを通して、協同的なデジタル経済を支援します。


 This is the website for the formation process of the Platform Cooperativism Japan consortium (a Sister Organization of the PCC New York, www.platform.coop). We are looking for contributors! If you are interested, please get in contact with us. Thank you.

Platform Cooperativism Japan (PCJ) connects key stakeholders of the emerging platform economy ecosystem to create synergies in the pursuit of increased shared value, ownership, and governance. The PCJ Consortium supports the cooperative digital economy through research, experimentation, education, advocacy, documentation of best practices, technical support, the coordination of funding, and events.

The Platform Cooperativism Japan (PCJ) Consortium does:

  • Advocate the role of platform cooperativism in a fairer future of work
  • Work with partners to develop a local research agenda for the sector
  • Share impactful stories of platform cooperativism’s potential
  • Help platform cooperatives get started